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Allure Shades

This sleek, modern design by Lafayette Interior Fashions, blends a mesh Roller Shade with a decorative Roller Shade in a unique and innovative combination.


Blinds are available in multiple colors, sizes, materials, and options. The beauty of blinds has been overshadowed, as of late, by new home construction changes, and ever cheaper materials have continued to flood the window covering market.

Custom Drapery

From Pleats to Grommets to Rods and Finials, there is an endless supply of options, more than all other window coverings combined.

Honeycomb / Duette Shades

Honeycombs or Duettes (if you are dealing with Hunter Douglas) are a pleated style shades that “accordion” as they close, and are offered in many styles, designs, colors and sizes.


Luminettes are another Hunter Douglas exclusive. It is in the same family as the Silhouettes, the difference being that the vanes are in the vertical position instead of being horizontal.

Panel Tracks

A popular alternative covering for sliding doors. Panel Tracks are a material similar to that of Roller Shades, but instead of being on a roll the goes up and down, the material is cut and divided into equal parts, fixed to a head rail and slides across your sliding door.


Pirouettes are a Hunter Douglas exclusive, combining the look and functionality of a fabric shade with UV filtering and variable light control. The fabric veins come in either 4 or 5 inch sizes.

Roller Shades / Solar Shades

Roller Shades are fabric on a roll and can be exposed or covered with a metal valance or cassette headrail with optional matching fabric insert. There are hundreds of materials to choose from. Some are opaque, some are sheer and many are in-between.

Roman Shades

Available in Flat Pleat or Hobbled Pleat, Roman Shades offer a very distinct look and can dramatically change the feel of any room.


Plantation Shutters come in a variety of styles and finishes. There are also plenty of options available.

Silouettes / Window Shadings

Silhouette is a name exclusive to Hunter Douglas, but other manufacturers do offer it as well under different names such as Window Shadings as with Alta.

Top Treatments

From Pleats to Grommets to Rods & Finials, there is an endless supply of options, more than all other window coverings combined.

Vertical Blinds

The vertical blind has gone through quite a modernization process, now offering fabrics and pvc’s with designer colors and patterns that could rival Roller Shades in the right environment.

Woven Wood

Woven Woods are made of natural material that is a combination of raton, bamboo and reed. Strung together and sometimes dyed to create texture-rich materials that can give an accent to any room or can make a statement and completely change the look of room.

Woven Wood Drapery

Woven Wood Draperies are woven wood material in the form of a Drapery. The materials are beautiful but tend to be heavy. Aesthetics will most definitely take precedent over functionality with this product.