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Allure Shades | Quality Window Solutions

Allure Shades


This sleek, modern design by Lafayette Interior Fashions, blends a mesh Roller Shade with a decorative Roller Shade in a unique and innovative combination. The shade is similar to a Roller shade whereby the material is on a roll that lowers & raises, but the Allure differs is that it is a continuous shades with 2 1/2 inch pleats that alternate between sheer & opaque that “cross over” each other as the shade is operated. As the front comes down and increases in length, the back does as well as the material is set in a “continuous” design, similar to a continuous corded loop that lengthens & retracts as it is operated.

What makes this shade special is that as the slats pass each other, the shade appears to “walk”, as it alternates between the slats being opened & closed with each other. You can have little, half, or full open of the sheer material while still enjoying the view of the material, or retract it all the way up. We have been told that a vertical application that raises is coming very soon.

Motorization is available!
For further details & description, call us at 760-808-3377.