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Blinds are available in multiple colors, sizes, materials, and options. The beauty of blinds has been overshadowed, as of late, by new home construction changes, and ever cheaper materials have continued to flood the window covering market. Custom wood blinds had their peak during the craftsman home construction period, in a time where rich custom wood paneled interiors were the norm and new homes took longer to build. Usually paired with larger matching detailed wood valances, and quality decorative tapes to hide the strings. They were the choice of designers for many decades.

In today’s world, most tend to view blinds as an inexpensive & temporary way to give you privacy & protection from light & heat, usually in stark white. This is because some of the faux wood materials became so inexpensive and long term quality was not a concern. The “just get something up there” frame of mind has long prevailed, but there is still a place for the custom detailed beauty that you can find in a Wood Blind or even a Faux Wood Blind. It is all a matter of getting the right color, size,  and options that are right for each application. With so many choices available, it is best to sit and look at all the options available instead of just settling for faux white, unless faux white specifically fits your needs. If faux white does fit your needs, it should be a quality product that will last, not one that will warp or is made with inferior mechanism and material. Let us surprise you with the vast array of options available to you.

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