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Honeycomb / Duette Shades | Quality Window Solutions

Honeycomb / Duette Shades


Honeycombs or Duettes (if you are dealing with Hunter Douglas) are a pleated style shades that “accordion” as they close, and are offered in many styles, designs, colors and sizes. Room darkening and blackout materials are very popular, not only for their look, but for their insulation factor as well. Sheer material is also available, along with motorization and other popular features like top down/bottom up, cordless lift, or a combination of the two.

One very popular aspect of this type of shade is that when collapsed it compresses into such a small space, you hardly notice it in the window. One thing to consider with this type of shade is that it is either open or closed, there is no in-between or light control as with shutters, blinds, or other louvered shades. Honeycomb Shades are very light in weight and easy to raise (or lower if you choose that as one of your options). Take a look at the samples and see if this product is right for your situation.

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