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Vertical Blinds | Quality Window Solutions

Vertical Blinds


Long gone are the days of the broken Vertical Blind, once common place because of it’s low price and practicality. Now avoided by generations who abhorred them because the price point selections were aesthetically challenged and always seemed to break and rebreak. To someone who grew up around these beige (or white?), or sometimes ribbed, swaying vanes, just the mention of the word “vertical” could make you wince and ask the salesman to leave. Lo and Behold! The vertical blind has gone through quite a modernization process, now offering fabrics and pvc’s with designer colors and patterns that could rival Roller Shades in the right environment. Yes, I said it…Rival! We have put some surprisingly stunning designer Vertical Blinds in offices, restaurants and even homes.

We understand that you will have to see it for yourself to believe it, so call us or come see for yourselves. 760-808-3377.