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Woven Wood | Quality Window Solutions

Woven Wood


Woven Woods are made of natural material that is a combination of raton, bamboo and reed. Strung together and sometimes dyed to create texture-rich materials that can give an accent to any room or can make a statement and completely change the look of room. Because the material is made of natural elements, there tends to be many variations of colors and textures – even in the same dye lot – and is something that is to be expected when choosing a window covering with this type of material.

There are over a hundred choices when it comes to Woven Woods, and new materials come out about every year as current ones run out. With woven woods, if you see a color and/or pattern you like, it is best to do all the windows you want to do right then and there. Woven woods can be lined with light filtering or blackout liners. The liners can be sewn onto the fabric or made to operate separately with their own control. Top down/bottom up is also available, as well as many types of edge binding colors and textures from leather, suede to cotton.

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