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Dual Shades


Roller Shades are fabric on a roll and can be exposed or covered with a metal valance or cassette headrail with optional matching fabric insert. There are hundreds of materials to choose from. Some are opaque, some are sheer and many are in-between. There are so many different beautiful textures, weaves and colors (and combinations thereof) to choose from. You can completely change the look of the room by taking windows that have Roller shades and replacing it with different Roller Shades. In most commercial applications, you will see this type of shade without a valance or cassette headrail as it is an upgrade.

In most homes, you will almost always have one of the two covers on the shades, as leaving them off just doesn’t give a home the warm look most homeowners are looking for. Like the Honeycomb, the Roller Shade is either up or down–there is no in between. But Roller Shades tend to be chosen for their ability to filter the sunlight and heat, while still allowing you to enjoy your view, and are thus sometimes used in conjunction with other window coverings.

Motorization Available!
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